• Mobile barriers
  • Communication Systems
  • Laser Dazzlers
  • Vehicle Arresting Devices
  • Breaching Tools

Mobile Barriers


CROM is an acronym for Crowd Management Net. Probably the most compact and lightweight fence in the world for guiding people and crowds. CROM makes it possible to quickly establish a perimeter protection within almost any environment. A 1,2m x 35m CROM weighs only 32 kg and can be used for many different scenarios.

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1.CROM 50

Can withstand more force and is more rigid than CROM 35. It has the same benefits and can be transported and stored easily by one or two persons. CROM 50 can be mounted in less than five minutes and makes it possible to establish a perimeter protection within almost any environment. A 1,2 x 35m CROM 50 weighs only 40 kg and can be used for many different scenarios.

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TACRION© was developed in collaboration with military units as an effective tool for perimeter protection. Key requirements were a lightweight and compact system for rapid deployment. The TACRION© system consist of a specially manufactured net supported by wire and steel posts.

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TACRION© Reinforced

The Tactical Riot Net Reinforced - has the same design as standard TACRION© but with a stainless steel core thru every mesh to withstand even the harshest threat levels.

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Communication Systems

1. 100X

is a self-contained, hand-held, portable communications device for on-scene and tactical communications up to 600 meters.

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5. 300X-RE_DS

Is low profile lightweight and designed for use on a tripod mount configuration or mounted on small vessels, security and defense vehicles and Remote Weapon Stations (RWS). Delivers powerful communication up to 1 000 meters.

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8. 500X-RE_DS

is compact, lightweight and designed for applications ranging from fixed security installations to small / medium-sized vehicles and vessels. It can deliver powerfull communication up to 2 000 meters.

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14. 1000Xi_DS
LRAD 1000Xi

is a power efficient, long distance communication system designed for applications ranging from critical infrastructure protection to coastal waters, border and port security, and large vessel and vehicle installations. It can deliver powerfull communication up to 3 000 meters.

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17. 2000X_DS
LRAD 2000X

The superior voice intelligibility and clarity of the LRAD 2000X provides a directional audio broadcast that can safely communicate with high intelligibility far beyond standoff distances.

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19. RX_DS

Is designed for integrated applications ranging from maritime vessels to coastal, border and port security solutions. It can be controlled remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe environment while creating a complete unmanned perimeter security solution.

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Laser Dazzlers

1. Hydra-P

The Hydra pistol is a completely self-contained, high power green laser device which provides short and mid-range non-lethal deterrence.

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2. Medusa

The Medusa is a completely self-contained, high power green laser device which provides the longest range non-lethal deterrence of any technology available on the market.

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Sea Lase II

SeaLase II is based on a patented high power laser technology integrated in a multifunctional beam director and surveillance platform.

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The UC-5 module is an ultra compact high power, green laser device for use by OEM’s and Systems Integrators to add long range non-lethal deterrence to their equipment.

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Vehice Arresting Devices

1. Pit-BUL 1
The Pit-BUL™

Is a portable non-lethal vehicle arresting device. The Pit-BUL is capable of immobilizing a wide range of vehicles. It can be quickly deployed and remains passive until remotely activated by the user.

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Breaching tools


Is a thermite base cutting torch. It combines both thermal energy and mechanical erosion to safely defeat a variety of breaching obstacles.

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